SWYAA Mexico

What is SWYAA?



SWYAA is an international cooperative organization that consists of the ex-pys (ex-participant youth) of the SWY program founded for the purpose of continuing the spirit that was fostered through the SWY program. The main activities of the SWYAA include managing post-program activities that contribute to society in their country, strengthening ties with the Japanese Embassies and the Government of Japan, as well as offering support and organizing training for the future participants of the program.


Our activities:


The principal activity of the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA) is to continue the spirit of international cooperation fostered by the SWY program.

Each country member has an alumni participating youth. In 2005, seeking to have a common mission for all the SWYAA member countries, a Ship for World Youth Alumni Association Charter was formed. The SWYAA Charter was then amended into the SWYAA International Charter on April 15, 2013 signed by 28 countries attending the Tokyo Conference for the Ex-Participating Youth of the Ship for World Youth Program. The SWYAA International Charter came into effect on January 1, 2014.

All the SWY alumni associations have a mission and a variety of objectives in common. Our common missions and goals are to:

1. Maintain a network of the former participants of the SWY program;

2. Sustain international friendship and strengthen cooperation among the member countries;

3. Engage in activities that contribute to the home country and the international society, and contribute to sustainable development;

4. Support and develop leaders in the home country and member countries who will contribute to society;

5. Strengthen ties with the local government in charge of youth affairs;

6. Strengthen ties with the embassies of the member countries and especially the Japanese Embassy; and

7. Strengthen ties with the Japanese community.

With these objectives in mind, SWYYAA Mexico has planned and implemented different programs that support and show solidarity with people from our country and people from different countries around the world.

Also, as a representative organization from the SWY program, the SWYAA is in charge of selecting and preparing the future delegations that will represent our country in this life changing program.