SWY Program

What is SWY?

The Ship for World Youth Program started as a Japanese Government with the name of the Japanese Goodwill Cruise Program in 1967. This Initiative gave Japanese Young people the opportunity to travel aboard on times when it was difficult for them.

In 1988 the JGCP became the actual Ship for World Youth (SWY) Program, being the Cabinet Office, Japan Government the organization in charge of carrying out international procedures to make this initiative every year a reality.

The SWY Program aims to create a human network beyond national borders and cultures by giving youth people from Japan and other different countries, the opportunity to gather in a multicultural environment and discuss important global issues with an inclusive and respectful perspective.

As an overseas participant of this program, you get involved in a wide range of multicultural activities. A homestay experience is offered to each participant, so you can have the opportunity to get in touch with Japanese families and know their actual culture.

After this homestay period, participants are given both onshore and onboard training sessions. Onshore training takes place in Tokyo, Japan. During this period, participants attend seminars offered by experts that prepare them for the Onboard training.

Onboard training is handled on the Cruise Nippon Maru, in which overseas and Japanese participants spend up to one month together, learning, sharing and discussing different topics related to international cooperation, pollution, education, gender equality, cultural traditions, and more. The participants are given and give workshops, seminars, and educational sessions about different topics in which they have expertise, so they can share their knowledge and contribute to a mutual understanding between different cultures.

During onboard training, participants are also offered the experience of Port of Call activities. Some of the participant countries in each edition of SWY, are selected to be Port of Call and they handle some activities that describe and help Japanese and Overseas participants to understand more about their sociocultural state and traditions.

The SWY Program purpose is to broaden the youth global view, promoting mutual understanding and friendship between young people from Japan and different countries around the world. Through this Japanese initiative, a spirit of international cooperation can be cultivated and youth can exercise their leadership skills in various fields in our globalizing and diversifying society.