Starting with the 2005 tsunami in Southeast Asia and 2011 earthquake in Japan, many individual SWY countries came to the aid of these people most affected by these natural disasters. With the rise in natural disasters over the years, including cyclones that destroyed communities and villages in Vanuatu and Fiji in 2015 and 2016, respectively, we believe in the power of contributing to natural disaster relief through a more systematic and collective process. IYEO and members of SWYAA International have decided to support relief in select countries by committing to a natural disaster relief recovery fund and expedited process for when SWY countries are victims of a natural disaster

.This project is aimed at assisting SWYAA member countries who have been negatively impacted by an unexpected natural disaster, such as an earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, hurricane, flood, forest fire, sandstorm or other natural disaster that devastates the community. The following protocol outlines are expected guidelines for those SWY countries affected by a natural disaster.


1. Establish a Natural Disaster Relief Fund fully operated by SWYAA International with the support and approval of its respective member countries.

A) Set the procedures that will be followed in order to raise funds and the process used to disseminate funds to requested participating countries

2. Determine the process by which SWYAA International member countries may submit a plan for immediate relief assistance.

A) Establish a Request Template which can be utilized by SWYAA participating countries who can make their plea for support.

Target Audience:

1) This natural disaster relief project is open to all SWYAA International member countries who request support with a written plan immediately following a natural disaster.

2) Assistance will be provided to those countries being represented by a SWYAA member country who can demonstrate grassroots support per the initiative of the local SWYAA.

3) Donations will be collected by individual member countries, but funds will be disbursed by the SWYAA International body upon approval by the SWYAA International Secretary General. Full member countries can by a 2/3 vote overturn this decision within a 24 hour period of written notice.

4) Recipients of SWYAA International Natural Disaster Relief fund are expected to provide a subsequent report summarizing how the contribution was used.