What is a Global Assembly?
Is a big annual reunion celebrate in one of SWY participants countries. Every Ex-PY is invited.

The SWYAA Global Assembly is hosted by the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO) and the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA), co-hosted and coordinated by the SWYAA of the visiting country. This SWYAA Global Assembly takes place in conjunction with the Conference for Post-Program Activities.

Purpose of the SWYAA Global Assembly:

  • To provide an opportunity for ex-PYs from various countries and different participating years, to meet. And by sharing thoughts, strengthen their international alumni network,
  • To provide opportunities for ex-PYs to learn about the culture and people of the visiting country,
  • To provide opportunities to be engaged in volunteer activities so that they can contribute to the society,
  • To share information about post-program activities that are taking place around the world, and
  • To revitalize SWYAA by hosting or participating in the Global Assembly.

Did you know that the Global Assembly of 2016 is going to be in India from September 20th to 24th?

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