Course Discussions for SWY32.

Course Discussions? 

Yes! These course discussions are groups shaped by delegates from all the participant countries. During the course discussions, participants should openly talk, debate and share issues and concerns regarding the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. Through a facilitator (an expert in the subject) all participants will have the chance to analyze, understand and contrast local and global issues and interests. Also, they will identify and think about their role within their local communities and the global interests. The main goal is to deeply comprehend each of the topics discussed and come up, through a respectful intercultural exchange of ideas, with solutions to local and global problems. 

The topics settled for this year will be chosen among the following. In which one would you like to take part

  • Olympic and Paralympic game – “Positive legacy” for future-
  • Human Rights/Equality and Inclusion
  • Education/Empowerment
  • Environment/Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Industry/Business/Service
  • Social Welfare/Health
  • Information and Media
  • Eradication of Hunger and Poverty
  • Sustainable Urban Design/Community Development
  • International Cooperation/Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • Suggested topic other than listed above
  • Children’s Rights
  • Global Health -Preventable diseases and health issues in the world
  • Sustainable Community Development
date_range 6/12/2019 place México person SWYER 01