• SWY 26

The 5th of December is the United Nations International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development. This project is arranged annually around this date to encourage our global network to volunteer in order to benefit our local communities

Every three seconds someone needs blood. Blood is in continuous demand in all countries and cannot be artificially produced. The act donating blood is the only way to help a fellow human in urgent need of a transfusion. Blood is a vital resource in each countries health care system. Almost anyone can donate blood, regardless of their geographic or economic situation.


The aim of the project is to encourage the SWY community to contribute to saving lives worldwide by donating blood. Through an annual global challenge the ex-PY’s and their networks make an active social contribution to the local community and help people in need.

Target audience

The project is public, open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to contribute. Both SWYAA members and their networks (friends, family, colleagues…) are welcome to join.


During the Global Blood Donation Week, any action related to blood donation counts as taking part in the project. This means you can do any of the following:

1. Find out how you go about to donate blood in your country.
2. Register as a blood donor yourself.
3. Donate blood.
4. If you cannot yourself – inspire a friend to donate blood.
5. Raise awareness about the need for blood donors.

How to join the project publicly on facebook to spread the word:

This is how it works:
1. Look up the facebook event “Global Blood Donation Week” (tip: google “Global Blood Donation Week facebook”)
2 Join the event by marking “attending”
3. Invite your friends and share the event in your social media channels
4. If you donate – don’t forget to take a photo at the blood donation venue to post on the event page.
5. Make sure that you add all the relevant hashtags i.e. #givebloodgivelife #swyaainternational #blooddonationweek.
Welcome to SWYAA México!