Throughout the year of 2008,  charity events were organized to raise 500,000 yen to enable us to plant a “Ship for World Youth Forest” in Bali, Indonesia with the expected sized of 0.3 hectare (3,000 sq. meters). The “Ship for World Youth Forest” will contribute to reducing the speed of global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. It will also regenerate the forest around the lake, which will provide clean water to the local residents.

Ten years from now, the “Ship for World Youth Forest” will be like this:
– Grow larger and generate more oxygen, and also absorb more carbon dioxide
– Some of the woods will be harvested to make timber, which will protect native forest from illegal deforestation.
– Deserted area will be filled with green, and wild birds and animals will come back to the nature.

The tree planting in Bali will be administered with the cooperation of NPO Asian Green Forest Network, and the forest will be maintained by the Yayasan Bali Hijau Lestari (NPO) and Bali Provincial Forestry Service of Indonesia.

Events related to the Ship for World Youth Forest Project

a. SWY20 Commemorative Charity Walk

The SWY20 Commemorative Event – Charity Walk – on Thursday, January 24, 2008 was a great success, attended by 57 people. It was a great opportunity for the ex-PYs from different batches to come together, feel the solidarity, and moreover, have fun! Approximately 20,000 yen was raised from this event to contribute for the “SWY Forest” project.

b. SWY 20 Commemorative T-shirts

IYEO produced SWY20th Anniversary commemorative T-shirts with the cooperation of ex-PY volunteers. The cost of a T-shirt is 1,500 yen (US$15), and all the profit raised from selling the T-shirts will contribute to the “SWY Forest” project.