• SWY 26

Have you ever felt like the square peg in a round hole? Have you ever felt left out because you were different?

We all know someone that has been discriminated in some way. We discriminate the nerds for being too smart, the slow learners for being dumb, mental health sufferers for being too weak. Poor are discriminated for their poverty. Being born different or having autism or any other health condition is seen as a barrier.

Well, it’s time to change that and it will take efforts of many to change the global mind-set but we need to start somewhere 21st March each year is designated as the international day for elimination of racial discrimination. To coincide with this, SWYAA international will promote the OWDSOCKS campaign by using #owdsocks and #keepswying hashtag together

Arish Naresh, SWY27 and Co-chair of SWYAA New Zealand initiated this project but it is now a global SWYAA activity. The OWD logo and banner can used by anyone as long as it is not used for inappropriate reasons.


  • To promote the message of inclusion, diversity and cross-cultural understanding globally
  • To support the empowerment of people who are discriminated and promote tolerance amongst everyone.


Its simple, it doesn’t cost money and people notice it when you wear odd paired socks- the perfect ingredients for raising awareness.

Target Audience:

Worldwide audience

Suggested Activities:

You can wear OWDSOCKS and post message as follows:

1. Social Media – like and post to:
2. Event Ideas

‒ Organise a OWDSOCKS morning tea, lunch or similar in your school, workplace or community and post your pictures to our social media pages

3. Fundraising activities

‒ Organise fundraising activities related to the OWDSOCKS day. The founds must go to different social contribution activities.

Let’s eliminate all forms of discrimination.

Start today – be #OWD, support #owdsocks so that everyone can enjoy “Opportunities without Discrimination”

Welcome to SWYAA México!