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The overarching purpose of the Homestay plus One Project is to continue the spirit of international friendship and collaboration through social contribution. Internationally, several thousands of people have participated on Ship for World Youth throughout the last two decades. Many participating youths travel overseas for a number of reasons; to visit friends and family, to study or for tourism purposes. The aim of this Project is to accommodate ex-PYs who wish to perform social contribution activities in other SWY countries they travel to.

This Project relies on the cooperation of SWY Alumni Associations who wish to participate in this Project. Participants who travel to other SWY countries must liaise with the Alumni Association of their destination country to organise the details of their voluntary activity. However, this Project will make available some information about the kind of voluntary activities available in each country. This will enable the traveller to see the type of voluntary activities they could get involved with beforehand.

This Project has two phases:
1. To gather a list of the organisations that each SWY country has an established relationship with. Ideally, these organisations could offer some voluntary work for a travelling ex-PY either over a short or long period of time. A ‘short time’ might include a volunteer project over one afternoon or a day such as planting trees, whereas a ‘long time’ might be one month or longer. If an Alumni Association has no formal relationship with an organisation, the Alumni Association could think of organisations that are in need of voluntary support or perhaps think of their own social contribution activities that a travelling ex-PY could participate in;

2. To collate the list of organisations (or other activities) that each Alumni Association could and circulate this amongst all ex-PYs in all SWY countries. Over the long term, this could develop into a website where any ex-PY who is travelling could look online to the organisations or activities available in any SWY destination country. At this stage however, a simple list of organisations along with the type of activity available will be collated and distributed to Alumni Associations and ex- PYs.

3. Performing the Homestay plus One Project

Short-term stay
If an ex-PY travels to another country, that ex-PY can consider which volunteer organisation they would like to volunteer for during their stay in the host country. The ex-PY can then either contact that organisation themselves to get involved in an existing Project, or contact the Alumni Association of the host country for assistance.

Long-term stay

For a long-term stay, the travelling ex-PY will contact the President and Vice Presidents of the Alumni Association of the destination country. The travelling ex-PY will notify the Alumni Association that:

a) The ex-PY is coming to that country;
b) The ex-PY wishes do a voluntary activity;
c) The organisation they would like to work with, or if the Alumni Association has no relationship with an organisation, the type of voluntary activity they would like to do;
d) The length of time the ex-PY plans to stay in the destination country and the dates they are available to do a voluntary activity
Ideally, the SWYAA will do the following:
a) Contact the relevant organisation to organise a voluntary contribution activity;
b) If, for whatever reason, this is not possible (e.g. an organisation does not need any volunteers or the
timing is inconvenient, contact another organisation or organise another voluntary contribution activity amongst the Alumni Association;
c) Contact and liaise with the travelling ex-PY to notify that person about the availability of the voluntary activity;
d) Provide some kind of certificate to the ex-PY that awards them for their social contribution.
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