What’s Ship for World Youth Alumni Association? SWYAA

Aiming at keeping up the spirits cherished during SWY, PYs of the SWY 7th Program and the alumni ex-PYs from SWY 1st Program to 6th Program joined together for the first SWY International Reunion and agreed to establish SWYAA.

The basic structure of the Alumni Association consists of one representative (Key Person) and two sub-representatives (Assistant Key Persons). Its main activities are the management of the member list, the arrangement of local alumni activities, and support for its new members.

The objectives of the SWYAA are:

Former & current PYsAA & IYEO NetworkingPost-Program Activities

To provide means of communication for the former and present participants of the Ship for World Youth Programs

To provide means of communication between Alumni Association members and the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government. This will be done through the communication with the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO), the Japanese Alumni Association

To provide information and develop domestic and international networks including non-SWY-participating youth

To organize post-program activities locally and internationally

SWYAA México board members and positions

Since 2016, our board:

thumb_patt3-bn1_1024Patricia López, President.

Currently living in México City. Twitter: @PattCardenas03







  • Francisco Tenorio, Vice President of Operations.
    Currently living in México City.
  • Tania Valdivia, Vice president of Communications.
    Currently living in Monterrey.
  • Mario Alain García, Secretary.
    Currently living in Guanajuato.
  • Alberto Negrete, Treasurer.
    Currently living in Querétaro.

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